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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

~ Margaret Mead

The Compassion Footprint App

At the Imagine Institute, we're creating a Compassion Footprint App for Apple iPhones and Android smartphones.  It's designed to exponentially multiply acts of compassion and build harmony and peace through sincere acts of service.

It will make it easy to increase your Compassion Footprint.


A Powerful Concept

Our Compassion Footprint App is based on the concept of the Insight Timer, a popular smartphone app for people who meditate.  This handy app helps you track the frequency and duration of your meditation practice.  Here's the exciting part:  In its first 5 years of usage, Insight Timer users meditated for - get ready - an astonishing total of  700 years!  I repeat:  That's 700 years of meditation in only 5 years.  It's exponential!  Let's do the math:  That's an acceleration in speed of more than 140 x (that's 14,000%).  This is a dramatic illustration of the power of the internet to accelerate change!

Change At the Speed of Light

By grouping people together cooperatively and collaboratively in a spiritual pursuit - meditation - the results are stunning.  Extraordinary!  Insight Timer is spiritual, not religious, so people of all faiths or even atheists can use it.

Question:  How can we use this to change the planet?

Our Compassion Footprint App will measure acts of compassion, empathy, nonviolence, and service to others - and build a community that looks a lot like Facebook.

Imagine... 700 years of Kindness, Compassion, Empathy, Nonviolence, and Service to others in only 5 years!

We envision the Compassion Footprint App as a collaboration between the Imagine Institute, the designers of the wonderful Insight Timer meditation app (according to the Android Play Store, it currently has more than 500,000 users), and a professor at Harvard University who has pioneered a concept that he calls the Handprint.

The Ripple Effect

You've heard of the Ripple Effect and the Butterfly Effect, right?  They say that a small action done by you on one part of the planet has a big, unanticipated effect somewhere else on Earth.  The Compassion Footprint App is this idea in action.  It's the Ripple Effect and the Butterfly Effect on a massive scale.  Our goal is to accelerate a change in our culture to help us reach the Tipping Point for a Culture of Peace.  Your acts of compassion create a ripple effect that's much bigger than you can imagine!

Our goal is to create a new story for Humanity.